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Our mouths reveal more than words. Our mouths reveal what we have committed time and energy to and become a clear indicator of our focus in life. One of my favorite quotes was by Eleanor Roosevelt which said, "Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people." I've also heard people replace the word great with strong and small with weak. Whichever word is used, there is an opportunity to use this quote as a tool to assess where our investments are spent and how best to focus our conversations.

People who talk about ideas are intelligent and focus on innovative thought. They are able to envision next-level growth and create spaces for that growth. It is a proactive thought process. These people are intentional on progressive thoughts and actions and are fueled when they align themselves with other like-minded people. The best part happens when an idea materializes into something substantive.

People who talk about events retain information and possess a certain level of intelligence. This does not sound bad to me, however if events are the only things a person can talk about, then scope and depth could be limited. Also, this thought process is reactive and can only exist after something happens. It is dependent upon external forces and requires less forethought.

People who talk about other people limit their ability to have meaningful conversations especially if the shared information has not been vetted or aligned with facts. In this context, talking about others is trivial -- and still called gossip! Gossip does not take a lot of effort to spread. Also, I read somewhere that the "most dangerous part about gossip is that it steals another person's reputation." Talking about people can trigger what I call a "doozy duo" - in that it limits personal growth and it can be hazardous to the person you talk about. It also tells the listener exactly where your time is invested. Seek to grow your conversation to not include the business of others. Include events and ideas in your thoughts and conversations and you will broaden your scope and focus in life.

Our mouths reveal a lot more than we think. It requires more brain power to talk about ideas and events than it does other people. Let's challenge ourselves to focus on more substantive things that can materialize into something great. This quote is a reminder on where to focus our thoughts and conversations.

Share and tell me your thoughts and experiences.

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