Diversity and inclusion

DMK Consults LLC designs innovative development sessions to foster inclusion and engage a healthy workforce.  DMK development sessions have been noted as effective learning solutions that drive favorable learning experiences! Sessions are provided onsite and by video and include fun games and tools.  Join a list of progressive clients who are maximizing engagement by building strong inclusive cultures.  Contact us today for your free consultation! 

Executive Leadership


Having a coach to push you to your goal is the key to success.  DMK Consults  provides that push for its impressive list of clients.  From the White House to board rooms to entrepreneurs, DMK Consults works with leaders to sharpen their skills, transition to another career journey or start a brand new business. Contact us today and allow DMK Consults to align your personal and professional aspirations.

Mediation is a smart way to work through problems and save money at the same time. Parties choose mediation as an alternative to court and attorney fees.  It’s a great way to have difficult discussions with the guidance of an experienced mediator. Dionne M. King of DMK Consults has provided successful mediations and devotes a portion of her time tothe Seventh Circuit Office of Dispute Resolution Services.  Dionne authors and facilitates accredited courses in inclusion mediation curriculum for colleges.  She is a sought out speaker for specialized mediation organizations and she provides diversity in mediation commentary on television, radio, magazines and podcasts.




  • Neighbor-to-neighbor

  • Landlord–to-tenant

  • Home Owners Association

  • Board of Directors 

  • Schools and Universities

  • Religious organizations

  • Post-divorce matters

  • Parenting schedules

  • Foster care and adoptions

  • Divorce recovery classes for religious organizations

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