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Dionne M. King leads a thriving executive leadership and inclusion firm headquartered in Kansas City. Her firm provides boldly creative services to develop businesses and empower professionals to excel. Dionne provides leadership and change management strategies for firms and organizations with both national and international presence...





“I attended law school in a different state so getting connected to the right network was vital to my professional development.  Dionne provided the tools to grow and effectively use the network. She also pointed me in the direction of resources to grow as an attorney.  I was most impressed when she showed me how to effectively create a personal board of directors to champion my professional growth.  Her services were instrumental to me opening my own practice this year.”

Theodore H


"In life there are people who make an impact in a professionally developing way that when given the opportunity you must speak out. Dionne King gave a speech about leadership, hard work and the value of pursuing dreams. When she spoke she gave the right amount of inspiration to get me motivated to pursue my Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership.  During the coaching session, Dionne advised me to continue to ask questions, network and seek strong mentors. Dionne not only was encouraging but realistic which was everything I needed to be successful in my educational pursuit while having a full time job."

Laura A

Program Director

"I just recently celebrated a 100 lbs weight loss.  During my weight loss, Dionne King provided coaching on how to build my business brand for an online weight loss program.  She gave me the marketing tools to set up plans and packages to meet client needs.  For example, wedding boot camp, lean and mean plans, and maintenance plans. Dionne’s knowledge about how to market has led to a large following on Facebook for me. Dionne’s knowledge has helped me expand my weight loss testimony into a branded business with several ways to make revenue."

Ericka G

Social Media Wellness Program

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