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Meet My Village.

CEO & Strategic Consultant

Headshot 1 Main Photo.jpg

Dionne King

CEO & Strategic Consultant

I'm responsible for the oversight of the firm and developing strategies for clients all over the nation. My success strategy is simple: do great work and secure (and listen to) a team of phenomenal experts in their fields.


My superpower is creating inclusive cultures. | 816-701-9386

Advisor - Financial Consultant


Claude Harris

CEO, College Coaching Network
Financial Advisor to DMK Consults 

I provide financial and investment advice for the sustainability of the firm.

My superpower is turning dreams into income streams.



Dawn Kuhlman

Owner, Kuhlman Conflict Solutions LLC
Mediation Advisor to DMK Consults

I provide mediation advice and conflict resolution strategies for the firm.


My superpower is creating powerful mediators to serve the community.

Product Manager

Brent JJ Jenkins photo.jpeg

Brent "JJ" Jenkins

Owner, Dream511
Manager, Digital and Social Media for DMK Consults

I provide digital content and brand continuity advice. I also provide social media services to keep the firm's audience engaged and informed.   


My superpower is bringing visions to life.

Product Manager


Wale Akinmoladun

Attorney, Spencer Fane
Legal Advisor to DMK Consults

I provide contract and other legal advice for the firm.


My superpower is helping business owners protect their investments.

Product Manager

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DMK Team

Administrative Assistance Team

Responsible for client communication and executive assistance for the firm.

Our superpowers are providing quality service to the clients of DMK Consults. | 816-701-9386

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