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Cookie For Impact

I was recently asked to explain my comment about making your business focus more about impact. Since the question came from a budding cookie-preneur, I decided to use a cookie to illustrate my point. It went something like this:

"People love cookies. Never met a person who didn't love hot ooey-gooey cookies right out of the oven. Cookies stimulate several senses - appealing first to sight, smell and then taste. If it's good, that good memory is imprinted and she will surely want to repeat the experience.

Cookies evoke memories - remember Grandma giving you the biggest one right out off the hot baking sheet. It was jammed-packed with big chocolate chips, pecans and a cup of love. It felt good.

Cookies reinforce culture. If you make cookies with Kansas City Chief colors or insignia, you'll sell-out! Especially this week as all of KC anticipates a #runitbackkc SuperBowl LV win! People will buy the cookies because it makes them feel good to vibe with a culture connected to a winning team. It's #belonging - an emotion that makes people feel accepted and part of something meaningful.

So, when you think of your cookie business, think beyond the cookie and focus on how it can create experience and impact. That's where I think businesses should focus - on the impact."

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